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Water Extraction & Water Damage Clean up

When water enters your home, the results can be both physically catastrophic and emotionally exhausting. Personal belongings, furniture, and flooring are often lost or damaged. Areas compromised by water can also introduce dangerous molds into your home if the problem is not resolved quickly. Anything that can be done to minimize the traumatic effects of water damage is welcomed relief, and that is where West Side Carpet can help.

The first order of business is removal of the water. Once that is accomplished, the homeowner can assess the extent of the damage and determine a proper course of action in moving forward.

When To Call Us For Water Extraction 

If you see that your carpeted basement is wet, give us a call right away. The longer you wait to get water our of your basement, the greater the chance of massive damage occurring. In fact, if we get there soon after the water enters, we can mitigate a great deal of the potential damage it does.

Realtors also call us frequently, especially if they work with unoccupied homes. All too often a pipe can burst, a seal start to leak, or basement flood when there isn't anyone in the home to report the damage. When the realtor arrives and finds soggy carpet in the basement, they assume the worst. Fortunately, our water extraction technique offers homeowners and realtors alike the best chance of retaining the current carpet, as well as staving off potential water damage.

Other Cleaning Services  

Our carpet cleaning services are second to none. Whether you're looking to spruce up your home, freshen up the office or store, or get your rental property into top condition, we're here to help. We even work with vacation properties, upholstered furniture, and more! We've been cleaning carpets around the Twin Cities for over a decade, and our knowledge shows: we simply can't leave a stain without first trying everything in the book. Call West Side Carpet Cleaning today and see what a difference clean carpets can make! 

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