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Home Carpet Cleaning in the Mound, MN Area

Home Carpet Cleaning Service


Carpet cleaning can greatly benefit your home in more ways than one. Of course, freshly cleaned carpets look great, and carpet cleaning extends your carpet's lifespan, and oftentimes that's reason enough to have your carpets cleaned. After all, when we're done with your carpets they'll look as close to brand new as possible. However, carpet cleaning also offers a powerful secondary effect: a healthier home.

No More Trapped Pollutants

At the micro level, your carpet has millions of tiny “arms” or “hairs” that can easily trap all kinds of air pollutants, such as pet dander, dirt and dust, cockroach allergens, and more. Carpets can even trap toxic gases. Regular vacuuming simply cannot release all of these trapped contaminants. That's why we recommend having your carpets professionally cleaned once a year. Our Top of the line, truck mounted unit, treatments, techniques, and other tools allow us to reach deeper and more effectively into your carpet, giving you a clean living space in the end.

Be Rid of Dust Mites

These microscopic creatures hide out in your carpet. The mites themselves aren't an allergen, but their waste (feces and body parts) can be. When these waste particles are disturbed – such as walking over them – they can exacerbate allergies. Our steam cleaning techniques are great for getting rid of dust mites.

Stop Mold

Dirty carpets are more prone to mold growth – especially in areas with high humidity. In Minnesota, that could mean just about anyone's basement. And even upper floors can see significant humidity during our summers. And when it's wet outside and we walk inside, we track that moisture with us, oftentimes ending up in the carpet. This moisture promotes mold growth. Our special cleaning techniques can eliminate moisture in your carpets, thus mitigating the risk of growing mold in your home.

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Our carpet cleaning services are second to none. Whether you're looking to spruce up your home, freshen up the office or store, or get your rental property into top condition, we're here to help. We even work with vacation properties, upholstered furniture, and more! We've been cleaning carpets around the Twin Cities for over two decades, and our knowledge shows: we simply can't leave a stain without first trying everything in the book. Just as important, you can rest assured that when we quote you a price, that's the price: no surprises, no upselling. Call West Side Carpet Cleaning today and see what a difference clean carpets can make!

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