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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service


We know you want to make a good first impression on your customers. Part of creating a positive commercial experience is having great looking facilities. When your carpet is soiled, it affects how others view your establishment.

Stores, offices and other environments that employ carpeting often require more maintenance due to higher levels of traffic and general use. Unlike the conscientious guest that removes their muddy shoes when entering your home, this is not a practice observed in public spaces. Rain, mud, snow, sand and salt take turns eroding the cleanliness of your carpeting throughout the year. Since having people leave their shoes at the door is not an option, professional carpet cleaning is the only answer. Regular service keeps your office or business space looking great while thorough cleaning extends the life of your flooring investment.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Minnesota

Having the right equipment for commercial carpet cleaning is essential. While your home may have several rooms of carpet adding up to hundreds of square feet, carpeting in some businesses or office spaces can be measured in thousands of square feet. Certainly not a job for the carpet-shampooing attachment on your Kirby vacuum cleaner! Trust your space to the pros and get the job done right.

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Our carpet cleaning services are second to none. Whether you're looking to spruce up your home, freshen up the office or store, or get your rental property into top condition, we're here to help. We even work with vacation properties, upholstered furniture, and more! We've been cleaning carpets around the Twin Cities for over a decade, and our knowledge shows: we simply can't leave a stain without first trying everything in the book. Just as important, you can rest assured that when we quote you a price, that's the price: no surprises, no up-selling. Call West Side Carpet Cleaning today and see what a difference clean carpets can make!

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