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Professional Cleaning Services


West Side Carpet Cleaning offers an array of cleaning services for properties of any size and scope.​

Keeping the carpets clean in your place of business speaks volumes, not to mention maintaining the longevity of the carpet itself.

Our professional residential carpet cleaning services will breathe new life into your home’s tired carpet. Don’t think your carpet is dirty? Think again! Time and again we surprise homeowners with how great their carpet looks after it’s cleaned. 

Our commercial carpet cleaning services help to keep your business clean, safe, and allergen-free.

If you have rental properties, our carpet cleaning services are perfect for keeping your carpets in great shape for years to come - which saves you money in the long run. 

Another type of rental are vacation properties. If you’re letting out the cabin, house, or apartment to strangers, you’ll want to stay on top of cleaning. 

If you have dirty office furniture or upholstered furniture at home that could use some TLC, we can help. 

Our services don’t just end with carpet. If you have a flooded basement, we can dispatch a crew to perform a water extraction before there is too much damage. 

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