Ignorance is not always bliss. If you have no idea how dirty your carpets are, then read this article right now. Dirty floors create nasty environments in homes and can lead to health problems as well as cause permanent damage to your carpet. Below is a horrid description of some of the most common destructive elements that lie within the fibers of your carpet.


Scary Creatures Below the Surface

We all know that microscopic life forms are everywhere. They thrive in our food, bed linens, and even in our bodies. But they also set up camp in our carpets. What critters are we talking about? They're scientifically referred to as arthropods. There are roughly 150 species of these home invaders, and they don't plan on leaving anytime soon. Beyond the common culprits such as spiders, ants, and flies, you'll also find thousands of dust mites, fleas, carpet beetles, tiny cockroaches, and numerous other multi-legged creatures. Although many of them are harmless, some can cause allergies, sinus infections, and other diseases.


What's That Black Stuff On My Carpet

If you notice black spots on your carpet or baseboards, there's a good chance that mold is festering throughout your walls and underneath the carpet layer. Mold almost always goes into James Bond mode and creeps along your floors and walls behind the scenes. By the time you notice the mold, it's already spread throughout the carpet. Mold can cause breathing problems and aggravate asthma. Mold is easy is to kill, but it needs to be removed by a professional who can inspect the inside of your walls and the flooring below the carpet.


Your Carpet is Crumby

Both children and adults alike allow food, drink, and crumbs to hit the floor while eating in almost every room in the house. Drinks can cause moist carpets to attract mold and algae. Crumbs attract bugs and other tiny creatures that go unnoticed. Food and drink can leave permanent stains on carpets if not treated immediately. The best household policy is minimizing the amount of eating that occurs outside the kitchen or dining area. Less food equals fewer stains and few pests.


Are You Tracking In Dirt

Mud, dirt, sand, and dust are added and embedded into your carpet almost daily. Unless you step on the floor with extremely muddy boots, you'll never notice the stains on the carpet. The reason for this is because the carpet slowly gets dirty of a long period. Most homeowners don't realize how dirty the carpet is until they have their floors professionally cleaned and see the difference.


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