What is Restorative Cleaning, and How is it Different from Regular Cleaning?

On any given day you pull out the vacuum cleaner and suck up the dirt out of your carpet. Once or twice a year you may call a professional carpet cleaning service in St Bonifacius to scrub the carpets throughout your house. The reason you're satisfied with this is because you believe that your carpets are clean.

The truth is, however, is that standard vacuum cleaners do not collect stains, grime, and microbes that are burrowed deep down inside your carpet. In essence, what you're living with is a health hazard that could be causing problems in your household. When standard cleaning will not work, a restorative cleaning is the best option for revitalizing your carpet and returning it to its natural beauty and sanitized state.


What Are The Causes of Extremely Dirty Carpets?

Although there are a number of factors that can contribute to a dirty carpet, most of the stories are the same:

  • Heavy Foot Traffic
  • Food and liquid spills
  • Carpets are in an area of the house where heavy dust settles
  • Outside carpets which are subject to moisture, dirt, and insects
  • Microorganism, pollutants, and contaminants that plague the carpet and create an unhealthy environment

Over the course of weeks or months, all of these factors will cause a carpet to discolor and become saturated with stains and dirt. It happens gradually. Thus, most homeowners can't remember what their carpet actually looks like.


Regular Cleaning Will Not Work

Even with a regular cleaning, carpets will retain much of the dirt that stains the fibers. Only a restorative cleaning will return a carpet back to its original condition in the following ways:

  • Stains are completely lifted from the carpet. It is like new once again.
  • The carpet will smell better with a fresh new scent.
  • Dirt and grime that has accumulated over time have finally been removed leaving the carpet 100% filth-free.
  • Carpet fibers have been fully renewed and restored.
  • The entire carpet has been sanitized and disinfected making it habitable once again.


Simply put, restorative carpet scrubbing is the highest level of cleaning that can be provided for a carpet. There is no substitute. Highly trained technicians use advanced industry-grade equipment that delivers results and exceeds all expectations.


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