A leaking dishwasher or washing machine that overflows can mean more than an inconvenience and a mess for a homeowner to contend with. Excess water that is introduced in areas of a home that are not designed to handle it can cause both seen and unseen issues. These issues, if not treated correctly, can lead to harmful consequences. 

1. Professionals have the right equipment

Many homeowners think they can patch together a solution for addressing water extraction with the tools they have at their disposal. However, household fans and towels only have a minimal effect on the outcome when the goal is complete water extraction. 

2. Curb irreversible damage

Water that is not effectively removed within fairly quickly can begin to damage building materials. While there are no hard and fast rules governing that time frame, a number of factors come into play when it comes to determining the rate that the damage occurs. 

  • Mold

With the introduction of water to places that are probably not designed to handle its influx, conditions that encourage the growth of mold are established. While the timeline for the growth of mold differs, it can begin in as quickly as 24 hours after water damage. 

  • Bacteria 

Standing water breeds bacteria and allows the growth of other unsafe elements. Without the standing water being effectively extracted, this bacteria can continue grow unabated and make the home one that is unsafe to live in. Knowing the right procedures and cleaning agents to counteract these effects is crucial to addressing them effectively and protecting your health. 

  • Moisture damage

Water has a far reaching potential to cause damage to those items that it is not even touching. The moisture and water vapor that are water's inherent qualities can also cause damage if not addressed in a timely manner. 

3. Timely delivery

Cleaning up water damage is a time consuming activity. Trying to fit it in between work and family responsibilities can lead to quick fixes that don't fully address the issues. A professional has the equipment and time needed to take care of water damage the right way and the first time. 

There are steps that homeowners can take to minimize any damage their homes might incur from the introduction of water unexpectedly. West Side Carpet Cleaning offers a full spectrum of carpet services for homes in the Minnetonka area including professional water extraction. Contact them today to learn how you can protect your home and belongings from being damaged by water.