A home with beautiful carpet is incredibly inviting. It’s incredibly soft and plush, adding to the overall warmth of a well-curated home. But carpet is made for living, and life can be pretty messy.


If your carpet takes a hit, it isn’t necessarily a complete catastrophe. At West Side Carpet Cleaning, our Twin Cities residential carpet cleaning team have worked with almost every imaginable carpet stain. We’ve put together this post to cover one of our most commonly asked questions: Is there hope for this carpet stain?


First Things First: Carpet Stains are Inevitable

Today’s carpet is far more durable and stain-resistant than the carpet of yesteryear. Many different textiles are available on the market, and some are more durable than others. But even the most stain-resistant fibers can be tested eventually. Whether it’s due to the fun and revelry of a holiday party or an errant toddler with a tube of paint, your carpet is bound to end up with a stain sooner or later. The trick is in knowing how to handle it.


Here are some of the most common carpet stains and how they affect your carpet:


1.      Mud and Dirt

Dirt, mud, and grass stains are inevitable for families with kids and carpet. From dirt dragged in on soccer cleats to rainy day mud, kids are too busy playing and having a treat time to realize they’ve left a trail behind them.


2.      Pet Stains

Dogs, cats, and birds, oh my! From fine-feathered friends to fur babies, our animal friends are important members of our families. But they can also leave their mark on more than just our hearts. Pet accident stains are extremely difficult to remove without professional help because animals can often smell enzymes humans are unable to detect. 


3.      Soft Drinks

Whether your kids drink all-natural fruit juice from a juice box or bright red Kool-Aid, there’s a fair chance it’s going to eventually end up soaked deep into your carpet and carpet pad. The Internet is filled with old wives’ tales for soaking these stains up, but experimenting with them can mean running the risk of making it worse.


4.      Wine

Dinner parties and holiday dinners like Thanksgiving are fantastic opportunities to get together with friends and family. But with all that food and drink flowing freely, spills are always a possibility, and red wine is one of the toughest stains to lift.


5.      Chewing Gum

Chewing gum in carpet can seem like a disaster. The more you try to remove it, the further it becomes ground into the carpet fibers. There are as many suggestions for how to remove it as there are flavors of chewing gum.


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When your beautiful carpet takes a hit, it can seem like it’s never going to look the same again. Fortunately, the professional carpet cleaners at West Side Carpet Cleaning specialize in solving tough carpet problems.


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