Warm weather is finally here, and it’s time to get ready for summer fun in the sun. As a Minnesotan, there’s a good chance your idea of summer celebration includes spending some time in your family cabin at the lake. There’s nothing quite like the excitement of gearing up for a fun weekend out on the water. But if you open the cabin door and you’re greeted with a blast of mildew odors, it can put a damper on your fun fast.


At West Side Carpet Cleaning, our Twin Cities carpet and air duct experts can help you avoid such a disaster and skip straight ahead to the good times. Here’s how our team can get your cabin in shape for a summer filled with fun weekend trips you’ll remember for years to come.


1.      Cleaning Your Air Ducts

All those stale mildew odors get filtered through your cabin’s HVAC system where mold and bacteria often come to reside. If you’ve got allergies or asthma, contaminants in your air ducts can even pose a health hazard. Cleaning out your HVAC ducts can remove pollen, mold, and even microbes from your cabin so you can breathe easy. We can clean out your ducts and remove more than just the dirt and dust you can see.


2.      Cleaning Your Upholstery and Furniture

Everything with fabric can become a magnet for dust, dirt, and dander. Not only can it smell unpleasant if it needs to be cleaned, but it can also create a very real health risk. That’s why it’s a good idea to include upholstery and furniture cleaning when you’re getting ready for your summer weekends at the cabin. Cleaning your drapes, rugs, and furnishings will make things smell fresher in your cabin, as well.


3.      Cleaning Your Carpet

Last summer, you had an amazing time. But now you’re ready to make new memories, and the last thing you need is the smell of last year’s lakewater embedded in your carpet. We can remove dirt and debris to create a cleaner environment and freshen the scent of your cabin. We also offer deep, restorative cleaning, to clean deep into your carpet fibers.


Twin Cities Carpet Cleaning Services

When you head to your cabin for the weekend, there are plenty of things on your mind. Maybe you’re thinking about getting out on the water in your family pontoon. Or perhaps you’re looking forward to cookouts with friends. The last thing you want to think about is being stuck with the smell of mildew and breathing in unhealthy particles due to dusty, dirty carpet and furnishings.


At West Side Carpet Cleaning, we can get your cabin looking and smelling fresh so you can focus on the best part of your weekend. Speak with our carpet cleaning pros by calling us at 952.220.3069, or contact us to schedule your cabin carpet cleaning.