The holidays can be an exciting time. It’s the one time of year we stop to enjoy our family and friends, reveling over holiday meals and cocktails aplenty. But with all of that celebrating, your home can get a little messy. Your carpet usually sees the worst of it with an unusual increase in foot traffic and the occasional spill.


At West Side Carpet Cleaning in the Twin Cities, we are experts with the skills to get your carpet looking fresh and beautiful once more just in time for the new year. We’ve put together this guide to cleaning your carpet after the holidays end.


1.      Soak Up Spills Immediately

The first thing to do if a spill happens is to soak it up immediately. This makes it easier for our carpet cleaning professionals to mitigate the damage done by that bottle of merlot or glass of holiday punch. Blot the area with a terry cloth towel, but whatever you do, do not rub the stain as this can cause it to soak further into your carpet.


2.      Remove Stains as Soon as Possible

The longer a stain is on your carpet, the greater its chance of permanently setting. Call our experts at West Side Carpet Cleaning to get those unpleasant stains out of your carpet. Using the wrong tool for the job can cause a stain to permanently take hold of your carpet’s fibers. Ask our team what you should do until we can arrive.


3.      Call in the Professionals

Hire a professional carpet cleaning services team to come in and get your entire carpet looking fresh and lovely once more. We can remove allergens and microbes with our cleaning equipment, leaving your carpet looking great.


4.      Try a Restorative Clean

A restorative clean gets into the nitty-gritty of things. This is our most comprehensive cleaning method and can take out odors and serious dirt that’s been ground into your carpet under all that holiday fun. It also disinfects your carpet, which means you don’t have to worry about sharing germs along with holiday fun.


5.      Don’t Forget Your Upholstery

Once your carpet is in order, let us clean up your furnishings and get your upholstery looking beautiful once more. The holidays can be rough on your drapes and furniture, but we can clean it up and leave it looking bright and clean again.


Twin Cities Carpet Cleaning Experts

The holidays can take a toll on your home, but they don’t have to leave you with permanent mementos you don’t want. Whether you’ve got queso stains or egg nog spills, we can help. Our carpet cleaning professionals can help you get your floors looking beautiful faster than you can list your New Year’s resolutions. Talk to our experts at 952.220.3069, or contact us to learn more about how we can help.