When you need a cleaning company in Minnesota, your first step is knowing the important elements that help you make the right choice. West Side Cleaning ticks all the boxes so you know that you are getting a comprehensive and professional cleaning company. 

1. A range of cleaning services

The right cleaning company is one that offers you a full roster of cleaning services. Whether you need to deep clean your home to get it ready to sell, you need regular commercial cleaning services or your vacation property needs to be freshen up before the season starts, West Side Carpet Cleaning is your one-stop source for all your cleaning needs. 

2. Free estimates

Providing potential customers with a generic price based on general cleaning principles doesn't take into account the many different variables that can affect your final cost. With West Side Carpet Cleaning, you are quoted a price that doesn't change at a later date. They provide an honest estimate for free so you don't have any unwanted surprises later. 

3. Powerful equipment

At West Side Carpet Cleaning, they don't rely on portable carpet cleaning equipment that seems eerily similar to the type that you can rent yourself from various stores. Instead, they have powerful equipment that is truck mounted. Combined with their top quality cleaning solutions, West Side Carpet Cleaning's equipment is designed to deliver the strength and power needed to rid your home, rental or business of dirt and grime. 

4. Protects your flooring investment

Whether you have carpet in your Minnetonka home or it's throughout your business, you know that your flooring is an investment in the beauty and functionality of your space. Ensuring that your carpet looks and feels its best helps extend its lifespan. With the restorative services from West Side Carpet Cleaning, your carpet can look like new. Their deep cleaning restorative process will remove the dirt and debris that is deeply embedded within the carpet fibers. While this step is important, West Side Carpet Cleaning finishes the process by disinfecting your entire carpet so that you know that allergens are not an issue. 

Ready to experience the West Side Carpet Cleaning difference? Contact them today for a free estimate and see how fabulous they can make your property look!