If you own a vacation property or rental, you know that part of its appeal is the chance for guests to get away to a beautiful environment they can enjoy. Whether your rental is a vacation villa or an Airbnb, you want your guests to feel welcome and happy from the moment they turn the key and open the door.


At West Side Carpet Cleaning near Mounds, we understand how important it is that you make a great impression and give your guests the vacation they deserve. We’ve put together this helpful guide to walk you through how we work to keep your vacation property looking rental ready for your next guests.


Fresh and Fragrant

One of the biggest things guest notices in a vacation rental is perhaps also one of the most easily overlooked. Guests might not notice a neutral-smelling rental, but they will always notice a rental that smells less than fantastic. At the same time, guests who walk into a fabulous smelling rental or room will be thrilled.


Because smell is connected to memory, guests will forever recall the fresh smell of your clean, lovely rental property. The key to a great-smelling rental property is simple: let us clean your carpet and furnishings to give your property a fresh smell visitors will remember for years to come.


Beautiful and Clean Carpet

Your guests will also notice if your carpet is fresh and clean or less than spectacular. Our team of carpet cleaning professionals can clean off all the dirt and contaminants tracked in by reveling vacationers and make it look brand new again. Gleaming carpet looks amazing on social media and in vacation pictures your guests will love to share. When they share these fabulous images and tag your rental, your carpet will dazzle. Clean carpet is also much healthier, minimizing problems for sensitive guests with health problems.


Between take-out meals and dirt tracked in from a day of having fun around Minneapolis or St. Paul, that carpet can get pretty dirty. Sometimes guests leave more than you bargained for behind on your carpet. We also offer restorative cleaning services to remove the worst of the messes.


We can help with all of these:

●        Carpet stains

●        Soiled areas

●        Highly trafficked areas


Fabulous Furnishings

Another thing that can make or break your guests’ experience is the cleanliness of the furnishings in your vacation property. If you’ve put a great deal of care into creating a special kind of ambiance in your vacation space, you should be sure to give it the maintenance it deserves with regular cleaning. Your guests will love lounging on your well-maintained furnishings and upholstery after a long day of adventure out and about in the Twin Cities. 


Twin Cities Carpet Cleaning Professionals

Having beautiful carpet and furnishings is one of those important little things that make a big difference when it comes to making a great impression on your guests. Whether your rental is a vacation house or a hip urban loft, we can get your carpet and furnishings looking spectacular to keep your guests coming back time and time again. Call our carpet cleaning specialists at 952.220.3069, or contact us to get a free estimate for your vacation rental property.