Beautiful comfort can add warmth and comfort to your home. Without regular maintenance, it can also add mold, allergens, and other unwanted contaminants. Fortunately, carpet is fairly easy to maintain and can be kept beautiful with regular care.


At West Side Carpet Cleaning in the Twin Cities, we can help you rid your home of unpleasant pollutants and restore your carpet to its original beauty as part of a strategic care plan. We’ve put together this handy guide to break down how often you should clean your commercial or residential carpet to help you get started.


Keeping Carpet Beautiful

It goes without saying that keeping carpet clean can help keep it looking its best. The more often you clean your carpet, the less you allow the buildup of unwanted particles to occur. This can also help extend your carpet’s lifespan. Clean carpet is a guaranteed way to create a crisp, fresh look in a home.


Clean Carpet is Sanitary Carpet

Regular carpet maintenance plays a key role in keeping your home safe, hygienic, and healthy. Carpet can collect all kinds of unwanted substances and particles, including hair, dander, fur, and unwanted pests like dust mites or other insects.


Unhealthy bacteria, mold, and allergens can thrive in carpet, making it a breeding ground for illness. Regularly cleaning your carpet has a direct impact on healthier air quality in your home and helps keep your family healthy.


Daily Carpet Maintenance

The foundation of healthy carpet maintenance is regular vacuuming. Vacuuming your carpet keeps dust, debris, and other unwanted elements from getting too comfortable in your carpet. This makes heavier cleaning much easier down the road.


You should vacuum your carpet at least once per day in high-traffic areas or where pets reside. For lower traffic areas, make sure to vacuum at least one time per week.


Regular Carpet Cleaning and Restorative Cleaning

Even if you do an amazing job with regular vacuuming, you will need to have your carpet professionally cleaned occasionally. In high traffic areas, a professional carpet cleaning team should clean your carpet every three months or more.


The entire carpet, including lower traffic areas, needs cleaning every six months. If your carpet is particularly in rough shape, you will need our restorative cleaning service. Restorative cleaning reaches deep into your carpet’s fibers to disinfect and remove any existing problems.


Signs it’s time for restorative cleaning:

●        Unpleasant odor

●        Discoloration

●        Extremely dirty carpet

●        Sticky spots


Twin Cities Carpet Cleaning Professionals

Taking good care of your carpet means it will stay looking great for many years to come. Whether you are in need of a regular maintenance cleaning or the deep cleaning of our restorative carpet cleaning service, our expert team can help. Whether you need cleaning for your home, rental property, or office, our carpet care experts will leave your home or business looking fabulous. Give us a call at 952.220.3069, or contact us for a free estimate.