From small offices to massive cubicle rooms, we’ve cleaned it all. West Side Carpet Cleaning has been in the business for years—and our business keeps yours looking tight, clean and professional.

Our commercial carpet cleanings can bring your work area to the next level. We’re here to give you a rundown on the incredible benefits provided by an in-depth commercial carpet cleaning. Let’s get started:

Benefit One: Better Air Quality

Our service providers take care in removing your commercial space’s impurities. A few nasty elements can clog up computer fans, mess up upholstery and even create an unsafe work environment.

Dust, dirt and debris will get into the air eventually. So, our EPA-approved cleaning products serve to reduce these elements. Our cleaning products don’t use harsh chemicals, either, so your office will be free of unpleasant odors.

Benefit Two: Higher Productivity

As they say: A clean work environment is a productive work environment. When employees, clients and business partners visit your office, your office’s condition creates an impression.

Keeping your carpet clean can assure a productive work space. It’ll give clients a better “feel” about your business, too. Trust us: A welcoming environment goes a long way.

Benefit Three: Increased Innovation Potential

Modern businesses thrive on innovative fixtures, machines and tech areas. By getting you workplace professionally cleaned, you’ll free up some space for high-tech computer stations, smartphone charging stations and modern furniture options.

Plus, it can’t be overstated: Dirty carpets ruin electronics. They can also make your sleek, shining furniture look like rubbish. Professional environments aren’t only spacious—they’re cozy. By ordering routine commercial cleanings, you’ll slowly improve your business’s presentability. Investors, business partners and clients alike appreciate the ever-improving business space.


Benefit Four: Lower Expenses

Professional commercial cleanings make a workplace last longer. They also make it much easier to pay monthly bills. If you’re regularly removing toxins from your workplace’s carpets, you’ll have better air quality. Then, your building’s HVAC system won’t need to work as hard.

If you’re ready to bring your commercial space to the next level, find out what West Side Carpet Cleaning has to offer. We use big company equipment, but we’re available at a small company price. Give us a call at 952-220-3039. Or, get a free quote today.