Nothing complements the decor of a home or business as beautifully as a plush carpet. However, everyday living and foot traffic can eventually dirty the fibers, making the best carpet look dingy. A dirty carpet can makes the whole house, business, or office look shabby.

Carpet Needs Personal Care, Too

Carpet, like everything else, needs regular cleaning to maintain that fresh, well-kept look that makes a home look so comfortable and inviting or a commercial building or office appear so professional. Daily vacuuming removes surface dirt and debris but doesn’t provide the kind of deep clean that carpet needs to look really great and last longer.

To prolong the life of your carpet and keep it looking its best, you should schedule a professional cleaning every six months for a floor that receives moderate use. If your household has children and pets, you may need to schedule a deep cleaning more often to keep your carpet clean and sanitary.

Kids, Pets, and Carpet

Kids love carpet! They lie on it while watching tv or playing games, reading a book or taking an afternoon nap. However, kids also drop food crumbs, spill drinks, and track in muddy footprints when it rains, which can dirty your carpet fast and shorten its lifespan. You want your children to play on a clean and sanitary floor, so a regularly scheduled professional cleaning can provide you with peace of mind.

Pets present another set of challenges for the life expectancy of your carpet, especially when it comes to accidents. Even the best house trained pet can occasionally leave a ‘surprise’ for you, or start using a corner of the room as a bathroom. It’s almost impossible to remove pet odors entirely without a professional cleaning.

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We charge by the square foot, rather than for a whole room. You don’t pay for unnecessary cleaning of areas hidden under furniture, unless that is what you want. We guarantee your satisfaction with every job and lower prices than other carpet cleaning companies. We also clean upholstery too and can make your furniture look as clean and fresh as your carpet.

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