The official start of summer is within your grasp! With the kids eyeing their summer break and thoughts of family vacations swirling in your mind, the last thing you might be thinking about is getting your carpets cleaned. In fact, this time of the year is the perfect time to get your carpets cleaned. Here's why:


1. Increase in traffic


Summer is often a time of increased traffic. In terms of your carpet, foot traffic is the most important kind. The warm weather means that parties and gatherings with friends and family increase. You'll want your home to look good for the occasion, so get your carpets cleaned now.


2. More time outdoors


As the warm weather becomes a more frequent visitor to the area and summer takes a firmer hold on the climate, people naturally spend more time outdoors. Enjoying the beauty of the area for the short time that it's warm outside is one of the highlights that many people look forward to after getting through another grueling Minnesota winter. With that increased time outdoors, though, comes more than just fun times and memories. Dirt, pollen, and other debris easily get tracked into your home. Even if you are diligent about taking off your shoes at your front door in order to minimize this, these substances still get into your home and carpet. Professional carpet cleaning helps prevent them from getting ground into the fibers and reducing the lifespan of your carpet.


3. Parties = Accidents


Speaking of parties and fun gatherings with family and friends, the more often you entertain, the more likely that there will be an accident of some type. This could mean anything from your nieces and nephews tracking in mud and grime on their shoes and clothing to spilled food and beverages that go unnoticed during all the hubbub of the party. Regardless of the source, not treated the mess promptly after such an incident increases the chances that it will develop into a stain that you can't easily remove on your own. In fact, many homeowners unwittingly make a stain worse with the tactics that they use to try to address it. We recommend that you contact West Side Carpet Cleaning to tackle many kinds of stains as soon as possible after noticing them. Doing so will increase the likelihood that you'll have good results.


At West Side Carpet Cleaning, we're here for all your carpet cleaning needs,regardless of the season. Contact us today to schedule your summer carpet cleaning session!