Proud home office owners love a clean space. A clean carpet smells nice, looks great and lasts a long time. West Side Carpet Cleaning wants to bring out your office’s best side, and we’re excited to share our routine cleaning options with you.

You’d be surprised how much a regular carpet cleaning matters. Let’s cover the basics.

Protecting Your Computer and Electronics

You probably have a nice digital setup in your office. Cleaning your office and chairs can boost the lifespan of your electronics. Between dust, dirt and hair, materials can be damaging to your computer. In most cases, it’s difficult to spot these particles. Let our team remove the hassle. While we specialize in commercial offices, we can clean up your home office just fine.

Leave a Lasting Impression

Many modern remote workers have daily conference calls, Skype meetings and home office meetings. Even if you’re working from home, you should still treat your office as a professional space. We feel your upholstery and carpet alike could use annual cleaning. West Side Carpet Cleaning can remove stains, standing dirt and unseen particles—so you’re covered all around.

Stop the Mold

Just like dirt particles and hair, mold can be problematic for electronics. Dirty carpets are prone to mold growth—especially if you live in a high-humidity area. If it’s wet outside, you might be tracking moisture into your office.

When you’re working, your wet feet might be dangerously close to your electronics area. Even if you’re not touching them, the surrounding carpet sure is. Let us double-check your workspace for mold growth. If we find any, we’ll alleviate the problem immediately.


Defend Against Circulating Air

While air circulation is healthy for your electronics, it can toss around unseen dust, dirt and dust mites around your work area. Microscopic mites like to hide out in carpets. While they’re not an allergen, their waste is. Your workspace computer’s exhaust fan might be disturbing these particles, exacerbating allergies.

Keep your office space safe from these mites, and keep your office space clean and efficient. West Side Carpet Cleaning has years of residential cleaning experience. Let us handle the nitty gritty. Call us today at 952-220-3069, and ask about our residential carpet cleaning and water extraction services. Even if you’re facing a mold problem, we can help. Get a free quote today, and talk to one of our technicians about your home office’s needs.