Spring is fast approaching which means that your thoughts are probably turning to freshening your home to welcome the warmer weather. There's something about the blooming flowers and the leaves appearing back on the trees that signal a new beginning. It's a good time to air out the house and clean it from top to bottom to get out the winter dust bunnies. West Side Carpet Cleaning in St. Bonifacius, Minnesota can help!


Carpet Cleaning


Dirt, debris, and allergens all find a home deep within the fibers of your carpet. No matter how frequently and carefully you vacuum, you won't be able to get everything out of your carpets. At West Side Carpet Cleaning, our powerful truck-mounted equipment makes it easy for us to bring our expertise to any area of your home. Our proven process removes the unseen substances that can harbor germs, bacteria, and fungi. It also helps your carpet look new longer.


Upholstery Cleaning


Your upholstery gets a great deal of use whether the only pieces in your home with it are in your living room or there are others scattered throughout other rooms. Even if you vacuum your upholstery furniture items on a regular basis, they will still benefit from a deep clean that only West Side Carpet Cleaning can give them. Our powerful cleaners gently remove debris, grime and dirt from the fibers of your upholstery pieces leaving them fresh, clean and smelling wonderful.


Duct Cleaning


When is the last time you thought about your home's ductwork? If you're like most homeowners, you won't be able to remember the last time this essential part of your heating and cooling system entered your mind.


It's been hard at work all winter long, though, as part of the system that delivers warm air to all areas of your home. That welcome warmth isn't the only thing that travels through your ducts though. Dust, microscopic debris, and allergens can also pass through it -- often unseen by the naked eye. These unwanted particles get introduced to your living space if they aren't removed regularly. At West Side Carpet Cleaning, we can clean your ducts' buildup.


As you can see, West Side Carpet Cleaning can help make spring cleaning your home easier in a number of ways. Give us a call at 952.220.3069 for a free quote today or use our convenient online form.