You might get routine home clean-ups, but are you giving your upholstery the attention it deserves? Upholstery shouldn’t be overlooked, and it needs to be cleaned every so often to keep your home healthy. You spend a lot of time using your furniture, so don’t overlook these five reasons to contact a professional upholstery cleaning crew.


Reason One: Fleas and Mold

Fleas, mold and bacteria love upholstery, and they’ll live in your furniture if you don’t get it cleaned. Without regular cleanings, your furniture can create health risks for your family. If you’re regularly coughing or sneezing, consider the upholstery to be a causing factor. As furniture ages, it can become exposed to bacteria, dirt and dust.


Reason Two: Durability

Not having your upholstery cleaned, over time, can result in its lost durability. Does your furniture’s fabric look dull? Is it thinning? Dust might be damaging it. In fact, specialized cleaning services aim to remove microscopic dust particles trapped within upholstery fabrics—removing their destructive abilities.


Reason Three: Allergies

Your professional upholstery cleaners know all about allergens, and they’ll make your home much healthier after a single visit. Aside from vacuuming, your providers can clean and remove your home’s allergens like soil, pet dander, and dust. In doing so, they can alleviate respiratory problems.


Reason Four: Air Quality

On a similar note to allergies, your upholstery directly impacts your home’s air quality. Cleaning your upholstery can give your HVAC system an easier time, alleviating long-term health problems and illnesses. Fortunately, your cleaning providers understand the ins and outs of household air systems, too, and they’ll be able to conduct a cleaning job guaranteed to improve your home’s air quality.


Reason Five: Appearance

Finally, regular cleanings simply make your home’s upholstery look good. You can remove spots, stains and trouble areas by ordering a single visit. If you’re regularly getting your upholstery cleaned, expect bright, colorful furniture for many years.

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