Beyond the occasional spot cleaning due to spills, and a quick pass with the vacuum extension, most people don't really think about the care and cleaning of their upholstery. Unless the upholstery of the furniture is significantly grimy, stained, or worn, many homeowners simply purchase a slipcover for the piece without considering the advantages having their upholstery professionally cleaned.


1. Removes Unseen Debris for a Deeper Clean

Whether the upholstered furniture is in a home, an office, or another setting, when people sit on it, they leave unseen things behind. Whether these items are dead skin cells, sweat, or hair, they can provide the ideal breeding ground for fungal spores and bacteria. The occasional once-over with a vacuum cleaner attachment will only remove surface elements. A professional upholstery cleaning by West Side Carpet Cleaning gently removes any debris below the surface as well.


2. Removes Allergens

Many different types of allergens can live inside the fibers of upholstery much as they can within a carpet's fibers. Dust mites, for example, are commonly found in upholstery. They can trigger the body's immune response, resulting in headaches, skin rashes, difficulty breathing, and other symptoms. West Side Carpet Cleaning uses innovative techniques that focus on confining such allergens within their equipment and not releasing them back into the environment.


3. Removes Stains

No matter how diligently a homeowner cleans a stain off their upholstery, it's likely to remain. Upholstery is notoriously difficult for the average homeowner to effectively clean, because many products available at typical big-box stores are simply not capable of deep cleaning the fibers. When this is combined with the tendency of consumers to accidentally grind the stained elements further into the fibers of the upholstery, it's easy to understand how difficult cleaning furniture can be. At West Side Carpet Cleaning, our cleaning teams are specially trained to handle all types of upholstery. These cleaning skills are backed by our powerful, truck-mounted equipment that delivers impeccable results. This combination leaves your upholstery fresh, clean, and free of stains.


West Side Carpet Cleaning provides residential, commercial, and vacation properties with the cleaning services they need to look great and feel comfortable. In addition to upholstery cleaning, we also offer water extraction, carpet cleaning, office and chair cleaning, and other services. Fill out our convenient online form for a free estimate or call us at 952.220.3069 for more information.