Having new carpeting installed in your home adds beauty, comfort, and style to your life. Whether you are doing so because you want to sell your home in the future or you are upgrading your home's looks, your thoughts will soon turn to the proper care and cleaning of your carpets. You'll naturally want to maintain your carpet properly in order to protect the investment you've made in it. You might have heard some myths about carpet cleaning swirling around. Here are three that are persistent -- but false:


1.      Carpets Get Dirty Faster After Being Cleaned
While it can be difficult to pinpoint the origins of such myths, this one likely came about because of a company using incorrect methods that left a carpet with sticky residue and dirt behind. A professional carpet cleaning company like West Side Carpet Cleaning ensures that it thoroughly removes all cleaning agents from your carpet before finishing the job. This results in a clean carpet that is not sticky or dirty.

2.      Mold Results From Steam Cleaning
The myth also likely originates from a carpet cleaning company who used the wrong methods to perform their job. While many methods of carpet cleaning have the end result that your carpet is wet, the amount of time involved is relatively short. That being said, a reputable carpet cleaning company like West Side Carpet Cleaning doesn't leave a customer's carpet soaking wet. Instead, they make sure to remove as much of the excess moisture as possible from the carpet before completing the job.

3.      You Can Damage Your Carpet By Vacuuming it Too Much
Like many myths -- even those about carpet cleaning -- there is an element of truth in this particular one. There are some vacuum cleaners on the market today that could be too powerful for a carpet to withstand everyday use. However, when a carpet is installed properly, it is designed to hold up to normal vacuuming as part of its maintenance. In most cases, a typical household's carpet will require only a weekly vacuuming. For those high-traffic areas, though, you might need to vacuum more often.


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