It's August and summer is in full swing. Vacations are planned with plenty of pool time that lets kids and parents bond. As much fun as the warm weather months are, it won't be long before fall weather hits the area once again. Already the back-to-school ads and sales are revving up, reminding you that summer is ending soon and your carpets will need care soon. Here are the top reasons why you should schedule your carpet cleaning now.


You’ll Beat The Rush

As summer comes to an end you want to focus on relaxing and spending time with those you love. As the days continue to march toward back-to-school events, you find your time becomes more scheduled and less flexible. By calling for your end-of-summer carpet cleaning now, you'll have your choice of time slots. Getting your carpet cleaning scheduled for while your kids are in their first weeks of school can make it easy to get everyone out of the house and let your carpet rest after they have been cleaned by Westside Carpet Cleaning.


Peace of Mind

Whether you have children or not, the fall often signals a period of business as many industries gear up for the holidays. While this is particularly evident in the retail industry, other sectors also feel a push as they reach the end of the budgetary cycles. Scheduling your carpet cleaning now means that one more task is no longer on your to-do list yet the cleanliness of your home isn't compromised. Blocking out time to have your carpet cleaned ensures that your home life remains balanced.


Close of a Chapter

If you're like many households, summertime means a relaxing of more than just the mind and body. It can also signal a relaxing of the rules of the home. You might find that you and your family are on the go a lot more so routine cleaning gets pushed to the back burner. On the weekends, gathering with friends and family often takes precedence over keeping the house in perfect order. Having your carpet cleaning day all scheduled provides the entire family with a concrete reminder that the summer chapter of 2017 has ended.


At West Side Carpet Cleaning MN, we combine our expertise with the best equipment in the business to deliver the carpet cleaning you expect. You can count on us to make your carpet fresh, inviting and clean -- all at prices that will make you smile. We also offer upholstery cleaning if your living room furniture has seen a lot of activity this summer too. Give us a call today at 952-220-3069 or you can request a free estimate online!