You love your pets. Even though they shed hair, carry dirt and mud inside, and once in awhile, they might do the unmentionable indoors from time to time, you love them and keep them around because they are a part of the family. Of course, you clean up and take care of your pets, but sometimes you simply need a deeper, professional, cleaning to maintain a nice home.


Vacuuming and Hair

You can take care of hair on a regular basis with a really good vacuum cleaner. You'll have to change the bags out more often than someone in a pet free home, but the love and attention your pets give you is well worth it. What you may not realize is that pet hair and dander fall deeper into the carpet than an ordinary vacuum can reach, so the carpet needs to be steam cleaned and professionally treated regularly to maintain it as allergen-free and to accommodate for your family and guests. The carpet stains pets may leave behind are also better served with professional cleaning.


Fleas and Bugs

As a responsible pet owner, it is assumed you treat your pets for fleas, ticks, and lice on a regular basis. However, there are going to be occasions in which your pets bring such things in. It depends on the personality of the pet as to how well they enjoy the bath and flea treatment, but the house also has to be fumigated. Again, it becomes an issue of sanitation. Although the bugs are dead and no longer a nuisance, it's disgusting to leave them lying hidden in the folds of your carpet. It's a good idea to vacuum the bulk of them, but it's a better idea to have a professional clean and sanitize your carpet before germs infiltrate your pet's house.


Contact a professional such as West Side Carpet Cleaning for the services you need to keep a clean and safe home, not just for you but also for the pet you love. We understand the needs your home has in order to accommodate the pet you love and have the resources to assure your home remains clean and healthy for you and your family of people and pets. Give us as a call at 952-220-3069.