Your home or business’s air ducts are the most important part of the building to provide ventilation to your space. Don’t rely on your air filter to be the only source of clean air, especially if it hasn’t been cleaned in a while. Various factors can cause them to accumulate dust, dander, and other debris, therefore, they should be cleaned every three to five years, depending on the circumstances. These include:


●        Pets who live in the home and shed

●        Occupants in the home or business with allergies or asthma

●        The presence of cigarette smoke

●        Water contamination or other damages to the air duct system

●        Home renovation projects causing extra dust


Benefits of air duct cleaning include:


●        Higher quality indoor air. Those suffering from allergies, asthma, and other breathing issues can experience fewer breathing problems with cleaner air. The clean air duct system can also help to prevent other unwanted respiratory or allergy issues from arising in the future.

●        Avoidance of mold growth. Over time, humidity and other factors can cause the growth of mold and fungus in your air ducts. There is a larger chance that bacteria will then be in the air you breathe.

●        Energy and cost savings. The dust and debris that is drawn into your system can be too much for your standard filter to bear. When your entire air duct system is cleaned, including the filter, the building inside the vents is completely cleared. This means all forced air will travel more freely through the system, requires less run time to heat or cool your home. A clean system also means fewer repair and replacement costs down the road.


The removal of any dust, mold, and other debris from your forced air system is only the beginning of our services. We will also sanitize and decontaminate the vents to ensure all remaining mold is safely removed and to help prevent new mold or bacteria from future growth. Our specially trained duct cleaning professionals have the knowledge and equipment necessary to safely handle all cleaners and chemicals to clean your air duct system.


When your air ducts are thoroughly cleaned, the air the occupants breathe on a regular basis will be both fresher and cleaner. Meaning, the air quality in the home will be vastly improved. You can breathe confidently knowing you are breathing in fewer contaminants.


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