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From category archives: West Side Carpet Cleaning

Rental Carpet Cleaning

Five Carpet Disasters You Need to Call a Professional For

The carpet cleaning experts at West Side Carpet Cleaning in Mound, Minnesota, talk about some of the worst carpet disasters that can happen in your home. We will break down what can go wrong while offering solutions from our professional carpet cleaning team. 

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Is There Help for This Carpet Stain?

If your carpet takes a hit, it isn’t necessarily a complete catastrophe. At West Side Carpet Cleaning, our Twin Cities residential carpet cleaning team have worked with almost every imaginable carpet stain. We’ve put together this post to cover one of our most commonly asked questions: Is there hope for this carpet stain?

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How to Extend the Life of Your Carpet

Carpet is an incredibly versatile and durable flooring option. Whether your carpet is hardly used or constantly run over by dogs and kids, great carpet can make or break the look of a room. After a while, even the sturdiest carpet can start to lose its looks.

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Cleaning Solutions for Homes with Furry Friends

If you’re a pet owner, you know that your furry companions are more than just animals. They’re members of your family, too. Your beloved pet is an important part of your life, and you can’t imagine your home without her. But you also know that pets can leave an impact on much more than just your heart.

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Cleaning Your Carpet After the Holidays

The holidays can be an exciting time. It’s the one time of year we stop to enjoy our family and friends, reveling over holiday meals and cocktails aplenty. But with all of that celebrating, your home can get a little messy. Your carpet usually sees the worst of it with an unusual increase in foot traffic and the occasional spill.

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How We Keep Your Vacation Property Looking Rental Ready

If you own a vacation property or rental, you know that part of its appeal is the chance for guests to get away to a beautiful environment they can enjoy. Whether your rental is a vacation villa or an Airbnb, you want your guests to feel welcome and happy from the moment they turn the key and open the door.

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How Often Should I Clean My Carpet?

Beautiful comfort can add warmth and comfort to your home. Without regular maintenance, it can also add mold, allergens, and other unwanted contaminants. Fortunately, carpet is fairly easy to maintain and can be kept beautiful with regular care.

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The Big Benefits of Office Carpet Cleaning

From small offices to massive cubicle rooms, we’ve cleaned it all. West Side Carpet Cleaning has been in the business for years—and our business keeps yours looking tight, clean and professional. Our commercial carpet cleanings can bring your work area to the next level. We’re here to give you a rundown on the incredible benefits provided by an in-depth commercial carpet cleaning. Let’s get started:

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Regular Cleaning Will Extend the Life of Your Carpet

Nothing complements the decor of a home or business as beautifully as a plush carpet. However, everyday living and foot traffic can eventually dirty the fibers, making the best carpet look dingy. A dirty carpet can makes the whole house, business, or office look shabby.

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Can Professional Carpet Cleaning Extend Your Carpet’s Life?

If you’ve changed the carpets in your house a number of times while living there, it's probably time to rethink how you clean your floors. You deserve to be happy with your home's flooring, and you need carpet that will last. Understandably, you’ve probably tried everything to prolong your carpet’s life. Between pet pick-up tips, foot traffic decisions, and even remodeling jobs, you’ve seen it all.

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